Next Steps


Life is a journey. While our destination is the same, every person's journey is different, as our individual experiences form our unique starting place.

As we move together in becoming the people God destined us to be, it is important to have clear steps that help to guide us. NEXT STEPS creates the pathway to help shape us on our journey. It provides a clear vision, gives confidence to keep moving forward, and builds strong foundations for our future together.




1. Connect to God

Our highest priority is to create environments where we can encounter God in a real and tangible way through His Word, Worship and Prayer.

2. Connect to People

Being a Christian is not a solo endeavor, and is best experienced with others. We are committed to connecting people in relationships that encourage and bless one another. We never need to walk alone again.

3. Connect to Church

The Church is not a religious organization. It is a place to find comfort and peace, hope and healing, courage and strength, grace and forgiveness. It is a place where together we discover significance and calling as we serve our community.



  • Become a regular Sunday attender

  • Fill out a Hi Card

  • Attend a Dinner Party


GROW: Find Life


God loves us too much to leave us how he found us! As we mature in faith and our relationship with others, there is an ongoing need in all of us to learn and grow - becoming the people God created us to be, to live the life he destined for us. The Bible describes this process as discipleship.

At C3 Church we are committed to growing together as fully devoted followers of Jesus, empowered by God’s Word and moving in the power of the Holy Spirit. Through Him, we find healing from our past, courage for today, and vision for our future.

Growth is not an event – it is a journey that we choose to take together every day.



  • Follow Jesus

  • Get Baptized

  • Invite the Holy Spirit to empower you

  • Attend Night of Worship

  • Attend a Growth Event including Financial Peace University, Women’s Bible study, etc.

  • Participate in a ministry including C3Kids, MyCity Youth, Everywoman, etc.


SERVE: Find Purpose


The Bible describes the Church like a Body, with each part facilitating a unique and vital role that gives value and significance to the whole.

At C3 Church we want to help people discover their purpose through the act of serving others with our time, talent and treasure.

In serving we discover our passions, build strong relationships with others by working together, and create opportunities to express the love of God to our community and beyond.



  • Join a Team

  • Contribute financially through tithes and offerings

  • Serve at a Community Event

  • Go on a Missions Trip


Lead: FIND influence


Through us, people encounter God, as we lead by example in godly living, excellence in the workplace, and wisdom for life. Leadership is not the domain of a chosen few, but for every believer. It is not defined by a title, but by a posture with which we choose to interact with our world.

At C3 Church our desire is to see every person step into this vital responsibility by bearing influence in our own lives, our families, our community and our church, affecting change, taking responsibility and walking in authority.

As we lead in strength and courage, God’s plans and purposes are established in our lives and in the lives of others, for today and for future generations.



  • Serve faithfully and be recognized by leaders for your leadership influence

  • Attend a Leadership Event