As our students enter their teen years, which are arguably the most fundamental years of their lives, we want to introduce them to Jesus, encourage them to say “yes” to him, equip them with the basics of following the Bible, help them engage in an every day relationship with God, and provide a smooth transition into MyCity Youth. These pathways are essential for accomplishing our mission of transforming lives, making disciples, and developing leaders.

To help our students as they begin this transformative journey, we are excited to announce the start of a summer group for our junior high students at C3 Church SWWA called MyCity JVs!

We are excited to announce the launch of a brand new summer program geared towards your child called MyCity JVs. Here are a few details:

  • WHO: 6th-8th grade students


  • WHERE: The loft upstairs above the main entryway at Covington Middle School


    • Assigned Reading: Students will be assigned two chapters in “Following Jesus," by Samuel Deuth. This will introduce them to what it looks like to follow Jesus every day.

    • Group Discussions: Topic focused on previously assigned chapters.

    • Prayer: Individual and group prayer that will help students to learn how to pray effectively, encourage one another, and grow closer together.

    • Community: Students will find a fun and safe environment where they can meet, bring their friends, and grow in their relationships.

    • Water Baptism: At the end of the program, students who say "yes" to following Jesus and have not been water baptized will be given the opportunity to do so with others during a Sunday gathering.

  • LEADERS: Under the direction of Ps Saxon & Shannon Williams, Valerie Parrish will be leading the program with help from Dawson Williams and Willow Chait, a couple of our MyCity Youth Student Leaders.