Join us this Sunday, September 1, as we meet at 10:30AM at South Ridge Elementary School at 502 NW 199th St., Ridgefield WA 98642.

This beautiful newer facility is less than a mile from The C3Hub on Delfel Road, the site of our future facility.

Meeting at South Ridge provides incredible accessible for the many families in our larger church family that travel using I-5 and I-205 corridors as they are able to access it just off the 179th Street (Fairgrounds) exit.

This site also allows us to build new relationships with school staff and the many families in proximity to The C3Hub!

South Ridge is a state of the art facility with highly desirable classrooms and outdoor playground for our C3Kids program!

These classrooms afford greater function and safety for our entire program, not to mention easier setup and tear down for our mobility team!

Make plans to join us Sunday September 1 at South Ridge Elementary! Don’t forget, it’s also Water Baptism Sunday and our Chili and Pie Cook-off!!!