OUR 19/20 Vision

//seeing what Heaven sees for the year ahead//


When you come to a gathering at C3, what do you see?

We see people coming together to MEET with God to experience Him and all He has for their lives. Gathering together to MEET Him changes everything, for the better, for every person, their family, our church family and our community

Looking in the rearview mirror, this has happened every time we’ve gathered to MEET. From December 2 to June 1, we’ve seen 50+ volunteers every Sunday making a meeting with God possible. We’ve seen 200+ first time visitors walking through our doors. We’ve seen 50+ children in our C3Kids program every week. We’ve seen 30+ students at MyCity Youth every week. We’ve seen generosity flowing out of our church to meet needs in our community and beyond to the tune of $25,000. We’ve seen 40+ people say YES to “Following Jesus” and receive a Following Jesus book. We’ve seen 24 people declaring their commitment to following Jesus through the act of water baptism. We’ve seen healing after healing after healing. Every time we’ve come together to MEET, we’ve seen lives encouraged, transformed and positioned for a better future!


Looking forward, we see gatherings to MEET with HIM that include more of the same, only AMPLIFIED in every way. THIS IS OUR VISION!!! 

The VISION OFFERING is our statement of faith for an AMPLIFIED FUTURE. This VISION is for us, for our families, for our church family and for our community. Giving to the VISION FUND at a personal level that requires faith is a supernatural catalyst that will unlocks amazing things in your personal world while releasing the fuel to fund the Kingdom activity that God has promised to bring to pass. Giving generously in any VISION OFFERING is an investment into God’s economy that will reward the corridors of your life while inviting the miraculous to permeate our gatherings. In so doing, our AMPLIFIED VISION will come to pass!



We are believing for $100,000 to be received in June’s VISION OFFERING.

All funds will go toward:

  • $70,000 spent out of reserves on one-time launch expenses since December for items including mobility, production equipment, technology, dividers/furniture, advertising, etc. This does not reflect regular operational costs covered by tithes received each week.

  • $30,000 for additional one-time purchases on items including vehicle modifications, additional equipment and technology needed, signage and storage.

  • we believe finances received will far exceed our giving goal. Every additional dollar will be placed in our Facilities Fund to better position us for our future location(s).



Moving forward with our 19/20 VISION, we will be focusing on the following items:

Presence Filled Gatherings – when we gather, our presence paves the way for His Presence, but His Presence isn’t automatic. The size of a band doesn’t make that happen, nor can their absence keep it from happening. It happens as the result of our desire, intention and faith. It happens because His Presence is our focus, every time we MEET! His Presence paves the way for salvation, healings, breakthrough, the fresh Word of Heaven, and vision! It is what makes us distinct from any other club, institution or endeavor on this planet! (Exodus 33:15-16)

Connected Relationships – we are committed to an Acts 2 experience for everyone who walks through our doors. We expect them to experience His Presence AND build the kind of relationships that bring the culture of His Kingdom to their earth (Acts 2:42-27). We will continue to strive for this in our gatherings, our schedule and especially the re-launch of our new and improved DINNER PARTIES across our community this Fall! 

Strategic Leadership Development – God called us to a Biblical mission with our very specific C3 flavor. Getting everyone rowing in that direction with a synchronized stroke will take amazing leaders! Developing those leaders is our right now focus. Behind the scenes we have launched our Emerging Leaders program, the first link of the leadership development program in our church, with 40 of our strongest influencers. In addition, you can expect the upcoming re-launch of our LeadCast podcast devoted to the growth of local leaders as well as the upcoming launch of LeadBlog, a blog devoted to the same. Our bright future requires strong teams led by strong leaders that will build our best future, together!

Permanent Facilities – with the completion of the sale of a 1 acre parcel of unneeded land later on our Fairground property later this month, we will have approximately $200,000 in our facilities fund with a remaining 11 acres to build on. Know that our future includes facilities, not facility! Our future includes multiple meetings in multiple locations. Our Fairgrounds Campus is part of our future, but there will likely be connecting steps prior to the $3.5 million project there. Since December, we have been actively looking for a permanent meeting place in the Clark County area and all properties have been a part of the search. From existing churches for sale to lease commercial properties, we have been hard at work. We are believing for a permanent Sunday gathering location in the next calendar year. Your VISON OFFERING and your regular gifts to our Facilities Fund continue to position us for our bright future!

BEYOND Projects – Our BEYOND Projects send our church family beyond our four walls and into our surrounding communities to serve others. With one project in NE PDX already in the books ($5000 in donated equipment and 25+ volunteers), we look forward to another this Fall and a construction project in Oaxaca Mexico in April 2020. Be sure to register to play your part of spreading the fragrance of Heaven all around the globe!

Presence Conference and Southwest WA Impact – Presence Conference is an annual gathering of the C3 Family global family led by Ps Phil & Chris Pringle. It is an absolutely life-changing experience that has radically impacted our lives and many in church family! For the first time ever, Presence is transitioning from Sydney Australia to 20 different locations around the world for better accessibility for the global family. In August 2019, the conference will be in San Diego. Our local church family already has 50 students/adults registered to attend. It is our sincere desire to see each and every family member in our church to attend Presence at least once! The impartation received is the best thing we know to equip our church family to have the vision and the posture for the regional impact God is calling us to. Please make plans to join us as we attend Presence 2019 - MORE INFO HERE.

We are excited for your to join us as we pursue OUR future to reach our region with the message of the Kingdom super-charged by the power of the Holy Spirit so that His Kingdom can be established in a way that changes the landscape around us! Let’s reach all of Southwest Washington!

Ps. Steve and Rowena Parrish